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WiFi Procedures

This document outlines the steps necessary to connect to your library’s wireless service.

  1. After turning on the laptop and connecting the library’s SSID (SSID is a term used describe a network name being broadcasted on a wireless network), open a web browser.

Note: The exact configuration of each users machine is unknown a general set of instructions have been presented. You may have a few more screens display while connecting to the wireless network.

  1. Upon opening a web browser, you will be prompted to accept the security certificate.
  2. Click “Yes” to proceed.

  1. Once the Certificate is accepted the log in page is displayed.

  1. Enter your valid library barcode and click “Log in.”
  2. Internet access will be provided at this time.

Note: Internet services will not be available until the browser is opened and a valid library barcode is provided.

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