Richard Kale Photography Exhibit

The library is hosting a photography exhibit by local artist Richard Kale that will be on display through the end of September.

Richard has recently concentrated on the exploration of light, form and shape, and the use of the camera as a conceptual tool. These images of pencils illustrate the study of these ideas.

There are objects that are so well designed, that modern technology hasn’t been able to improve on them. We often take these objects for granted. Their simplicity and function are remarkably welcome to the camera and photography. The humble pencil is one of them.

Webster’s Dictionary

pencil    noun      pen-cil  \’pen(t)-sel\

1: an artist’s brush

2: an implement for writing, drawing or marking consisting or or containing a slender cylinder or strip of a solid marking substance

pencil    verb 1: to pain, draw, write or mark with a pencil

Richard Kale is an amateur photographer living in Pittsburgh. Photography has always been important to him, but creating images has become his passion. He is self-taught with a sincere interest for all things photography as art; beautiful light, captivating flowers, fresh food, nature, inspiring colors and intriguing textures. His interests include Macro, Still Life, Abstract, Travel and Food and Drink photography. Richard is an award-winning member of The Academy of Science and Art of Pittsburgh The Photographic Section, Pittsburgh Photography Club.