Take & Make Bundles: Program kits including STEM, Crafts & Self-Care

In-person programming is currently on hold at the library, but we have Take & Make bundles for all ages, where you can schedule a curbside appointment, pick up a bundle and make an awesome creation at home!

Request a kit & schedule a curbside appointment to pick it up.

Bundles include take home programs for STEM, Crafts, and self-care.

Below is a full description of all the kits:

Nature Explorers (Preschoolers – early elementary school)

  • Bird Fun: Go on a bird walk. Look for different kinds of birds! Observe the different bird sizes, colors, and beak shapes.  Did you find any nests, tracks, cracked seed, or feathers?   Listen to the bird songs. Can you imitate any birds sounds?  Bring your binoculars.  Bring along a bird fact book. How many kinds of birds did you see while bird watching? Kit contains supplies to make a Bird Feeder & Cardboard Tube Binoculars.
  • Exploring Seeds: Explore the outdoors looking for seeds. Seeds come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Learn how to grow beans in a bag with seeds!  Kit contains coloring sheet and bean seeds.
  • Leaf Science & Art: Take a bag or bucket and head out for a leaf hunt!  Discover the many kinds of leaves in nature.  Along the way, collect different shapes, sizes, and colors of leaves. Gather leaves from tall and short plants and trees! Are your leaves rough, soft, waxy, or prickly?  Compare and observe what you have collected! Have fun!  But be aware and stay away from poison ivy plants. Kit contains: Clay to make leaf imprints, supplies to make leaf people or animals, information on creating leaf rubbings and information on how to investigate how water travels through leaves.
  • Nature Walk: Summer is here and time to have some family fun and explore the outdoors! This fun kit was made for children and grown-ups to enjoy together!! A nature walk is a fun time to get outside for some fresh air! Kit contains: Nature Walk Journal, Coloring Sheets & magnifying glass!

Homemade & Healthy (6th grade and up)

  • Green Tea Eye Mask: Take some time for self care & relax with an easy-to-make Green Tea Eye Mask kit! Kit contains instructions and supplies to make the mask!
  • Stress Ball: Take some time for self care & make a stress ball! Kit contains supplies to make an easy to make stress ball!

Please be courteous to others. Supplies are limited, so please only request one of each offering per individual.