Tim Anderson Photography Exhibit

The library is hosting a photography exhibit by Tim Anderson that will be on display through the end of the November.

Wet Cyanotypes: a Camera-less Photography Exhibit

“During the COVID shutdowns, I searched for a creative outlet, and I discovered Wet Cyanotypes.

Wet Cyanotypes is a camera-free photographic process. Watercolor paper is coated with a two-chemical solution (ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide) to make the paper UV light sensitive.

As the coated paper dries, I gather plant materials from my yard. Once the paper has dried, I arrange a pleasing composition, apply soap suds, dilute vinegar, and maybe some salt. I place the assembled items into sunlight for up to four hours then process in water, and diluted hydrogen peroxide and a final wash.”


Tim Anderson is a resident of South Fayette, a life-long library lover, and a “regular” at the South Fayette Township Library. He enjoys reading about different photography techniques and experimenting with them. In spring 2019, he had a full exhibit of lumen prints on display at Bridgeville Public Library.