Bookworm Bags and Teen Unseen Bags

Bookworm Bags are mystery bags of books, activities, and fun loot for kids ages 5-10, which have been offered at Bridgeville since January 2022. Each month’s contents are selected based on a different theme, such as Magical Tales, A Sporting Chance, or Scrumptious Stories, but what is inside a bag is a mystery until a patron checks it out.

The bags are curated for 5–7-year-olds and 8–10-year-olds with books that are appropriate for kids to read independently or with their families. Activities that can be included range from bookmarks, to bee baths, to hot chocolate bombs, as well as fun loot such as stickers, erasers, bouncy balls, or sunglasses.

Bookworm Bags are designed to expose kids to a variety of books, some of which they might not have selected on their own, and to offer a fun literary experience!

Teen Unseen Bags are mystery bags geared towards anyone from age 10-18 that revolve around a new theme every month. Each bag holds two library books, loot to keep, and an activity to complete. The best part about the Teen Unseen Bags is that Ms. Carrie works with the Teen Advisory Board members every month to develop the themes for the bags and the items inside. An example of one of our Teen Unseen Bags would be August’s Road Trip bag, which contained sunglasses, Skittles, a crossword, travel sized board game, and a sticker. The activity for August was to create a scratch-off United States map, so that as you travel to different states you can keep track. Next month’s theme is In Case You Missed It, and it will be available on Monday, December 5th.