Volunteer Information:

Teen Volunteers

We currently offer a wide selection of virtual Teen Volunteer opportunities, including editing library program videos, writing reviews of books and movies, creating Spotify playlists, Kahoot quizzes, and more!

Applications for teen volunteers are accepted on a semi-annual basis: in May and September of each year. Volunteers are asked to re-apply at the beginning of each session.

Check out our social media for updates!


Thank you for your interest, but we will not be having adult in-person volunteer opportunities at this time.  

Please check back for updates as COVID restrictions begin to relax. 

 Volunteer Coordinators

Carrie Lowery
Phone: 412-221-3737
Email: loweryc2@einetwork.net

Juli Morneweck
Phone: 412-257-8660
Email: morneweckj@einetwork.net

Bree Balsamo-Carilli
Phone: 412-221-3737
Email: balsamocarillib@einetwork.net