Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center and BPL’s Sister Library Program

In early 2021, the Bridgeville Public Library Board of Directors wanted to explore a sister library program, as encouraged by the American Libraries Association. Rather than seeking out a foreign library across the globe, the board decided, after some preliminary research, that we should partner with those who were here before us – Native Americans, namely the Shawnee Tribe, whose land BPL, Bridgeville and most of the Ohio Valley stand on. In July of 2021, the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center was ready to move forward with what we hope will be a lasting and enriching partnership to share history, culture and issues facing all of us. This page will serve as BPL’s doorway into the living history of the Shawnee, whose presence here needs to be recognized and celebrated. We hope you enjoy this celebration with us and feel free to explore as much as you like through the videos, links and educator materials generously hosted by the Shawnee Cultural Center. 

This video highlights Shawnee traditional lands.
Shawnee History and American History

To learn more about the Shawnee people, check out the books below, recommended by the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center. These titles are now available at Bridgeville Public Library.

Land Acknowledgement: We respectfully acknowledge that we are on the traditional, ancestral lands of the Shawnee Nation. The process of knowing and acknowledging the land we stand on is a way of honoring and expressing gratitude for the ancestral Shawnee people who were on this land before us.
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