A New Look For the Library

This month, the library completed two long anticipated building projects, replacing the carpet and the installation of a book clock.

The library’s carpet, original to the building, has gradually worn down over the past twelve years. During the first week of January, a crew from Rusmur Floors removed the old carpet. If you happened to visit the library during that week, you saw the unique sight of empty book cases being moved about the library so that new carpet could be placed underneath. The needed upgrade has brought a fresh feel to the library and staff have received compliments on the improvement.

The book clock is a project that was brought to life by our Friends of the Library. The Friends collected used books with numbers on them to make up the clock face. The clock was then assembled and mounted on the wall in the adult reading area of the library, serving as a wonderful and unique centerpiece for the space.

The Library and Friends of the Library would like to extend a special thanks to Colleen Miles of the Friends and Ray Ahrenholtz, President of the Bridgeville Public Library Board of Trustees for making this project happen. We would also like to thank Chris Exler for lending his expertise to the project.