Beyond the Library Walls: POWER Library

Do more with your library card by exploring the online resource POWER Library. This statewide resource gives all Pennsylvania residents, with library cards, access to databases where you can find trustworthy answers to questions like healthcare, consumer purchases, personal finances, family history, and so much more. These databases provide curious researchers the chance to search through resources, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, historical documents, photos, and much more, 24/7.

And now POWER Library has added access to the archives for Time Magazine, National Geographic, and three primary source archives geared toward the research needs of 6th-12th graders. The Time Magazine Archive provides access to issues from 1923 through 200, and National Geographic offers access to issues from 1888 through 2020. The primary source archives cover topic such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, and slavery in America.

POWER Library is a service of the Office of Commonwealth Libraries, Pennsylvania Department Education, and is hosted by HSLC.