Technology Equity: PC Refresh Project

From Zoom meetings to virtual classrooms, the past five years have shown that a lack of access to technology can leave people – and entire communities – behind. Bridging that technological gap requires deliberate investment, the kind that RAD (Allegheny Regional Asset District) has focused on for years.

This spring, RAD, the largest funder of libraries in the Pittsburgh region, provided a $3.1 million grant for the upgrade and replacement of computers at every library in Allegheny County. The PC Refresh Project, which wrapped up this month, funded 1,643 all-in-one computers, 515 laptops, 306 desktops, 262 monitors, and 78 servers. One of the most exciting elements to this grant is that the quality of computers at each library will be the same, promoting true technology equity.

“This investment from RAD will help remove barriers to emerging technology, connectivity, and digital skills that so many residents in our community face. In addition, RAD’s support will help us be responsive to the ever-changing needs of our communities,” states Andrew Medlar, President & Director of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Bridgeville Public Library would like to thank RAD for their generous investment in our community and the county.