The Lion’s Club Partners

with Bridgeville Public Library

Over a year ago, the Bridgeville Greater Area Lions Club reached out to the library about partnering on a service project to collect plastic recycling. The library would serve as one of seven collection sites for community members to drop off plastic. Each week a member of the Lions Club would collect, weigh, report, and deliver the recycled material to a participating retailer. For every 500 pounds (about 40,500 plastic bags) collected, Trex, the sponsor of the project, would donate a bench made of recycled materials to the Lions Club.

The project has been an overwhelming success, the Lions Club have been able to collect almost 1,500 pounds of plastic. According to Club member, Mike Crossey, about 20 pounds of plastic is collected weekly.

Thanks to the community’s participation, the Lions Club was able to install the first eco-friendly bench at Bridgeville Public Library at a dedication ceremony held Thursday, May 19th. During the ceremony, Mr. Crossey thanked the community and praised the collection program for keeping plastic out of landfills and oceans. The Lions Club placed a second bench at South Fayette Township Library and have plans to place a third bench within the community.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the recycling program so far; the Lions Club is still collecting plastic, make sure to check for the white bins (located to the right of the main entrance near the book drop) the next time you visit the library. Visit Trex’s website to learn more about their recycling initiative.