Creepin’ It Real with Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Bridgeville Public Library embraced the spooky season this year when Ms. Carrie collaborated with Amy Bouch from Chartiers Valley Middle School to host a Two Sentence Horror Story competition in October.

One hundred eighth graders wrote and edited horror stories. The library posted their stories on our social media as a “Creepin’ It Real” competition where community members could vote on their favorites. If you missed the Spooktacular fun, don’t worry! The posts are still on all of Bridgeville Public Library’s social media accounts.

The winning two-sentence horror story was: “As I crawled in my bed, my dog cuddled next to me and licked my face. Then I heard him suddenly bark from downstairs as I felt a hand grab my arm.”

The best part of the Creepin’ It Real competition was how much fun the eighth-grade classes had seeing what prizes the top 12 received. Amy Bouch said, “The kids LOVED the prizes today! They were also so excited that they were awarded so many items! I love so much that a more varied group of students could be recognized!”

Stay tuned for future writing competitions and collaborations with Chartiers Valley School District. Our next collaboration will be our annual Open Mic Night and Poetry Display in the new year.