How the Library Brings Books to You

Bridgeville Public Library has over 20,000 items in its collection, but sometimes a patron can’t find what they are looking for. To supplement the collection, library users can request items from other libraries in Allegheny County. Patrons can request books, DVDs, board games, and other materials to be sent to Bridgeville Public Library.

Each item passes through the Library Support Center before making its way to the patron who placed the hold. The Support Center, found in the West End, is a small, unassuming building that bustles with activity. Inside, staff members feed items onto a large, multi-pronged conveyer belt, which then sorts them into bins destined for libraries around the county. The bins are then stacked, awaiting pick-up by the eight drivers who will deliver them to seventy-four libraries.

The sorting and delivery service ensures that all patrons have equal access to resources, which improves the equity of the county’s library services.