Join the Board and Support the Library!

The board represents a range of community interests, occupations, and expertise. They advocate for the library by communicating the library’s mission to stakeholders and raising awareness of all that the library has to offer.

We interviewed the current members of the Board of Trustees to learn more about what motivated them to join the Board.

How did you first get involved with the board?

Ray Ahrenholtz (RA): I got involved with the library to be more active in the community and to be able to put something back into the community that I live in.

Kerry Allen (KA): I had recently retired and was seeking a way to give back to my community. My passion for books and learning made a role on the board the perfect fit.

Why are you supporting the library?

Brooke Epps (BE): I’ve always been a lover of words and books, and I think it’s so important to always be reading and learning regardless of the genre. It’s how we learn about culture, encourage empathy and grow within ourselves. I think it’s vital to instill that in our youth as well. Joining the board has given me an opportunity to be a part of the community that provides this access.

What is your favorite thing about the library?

KA: Obviously, the books, but also the events that create opportunities to learn while meeting new friends.

Do you have any favorite events or memories?

Evan Galimberti (EG): My favorite event at the library is the lawn party we do as part of Love Your Library month. It is always such a fun day to see our patrons and community members outside playing games and enjoying everything the library offers as a community center.

BE: I have three little ones and they loved the Halloween event with the games, photos, and food. To have such a great event surrounded by books was such a nice family time.

Where do you see the library in ten years?

EG:In ten years, I see the library as a flourishing representation of everything Bridgeville has to offer. We will have paid off our mortgage and will have the ability to really expand our programming, outreach activities, and collection.  

RA: In less than 10 years, the library will be mortgage free, and this will allow the library to spend more money on programs for the community.

Why would you encourage someone else to get involved with the board?

RA: I would encourage anyone living in Bridgeville or the nearby communities to get involved if you have the time to meet once a month and to volunteer your time as needed. Anyone with younger children to retirees is encouraged to get involved with the BPL board.

EG: I would encourage anyone who loves this community and believes that libraries are a key part of it to get involved on the board! It is a great way to bring your personality to an amazing resource and place many people love. The library will always benefit from having more people who care sharing their voice on it, and everyone can make a positive impact!

BE: Joining the board if you have a passion and love of reading gives you a chance to be part of a tight knit group. But, also to learn how a non- profit organization runs and what it takes to keep the library open and free to all. KA: It doesn’t take much time and it is a great chance to be involved in something positive and be a part of the Bridgeville community.